‘Creating Circles’ Circle Facilitation Training

Sally Parkin (Sally Golightly)

I believe that …

People need to feel nurtured and held.

People need to be heard.

People need safe spaces.

And I know that …

Circle work can do all these things – it makes a difference to people’s lives; it’s magic.

Circle work helps to build connection and commonality. It helps people feel like they belong and feel less alone when processing difficult emotions or facing challenges.

The magic of circle work is in its power – to connect, heal and create communities that reach far beyond the spaces we sit in.

Not only does circle work help those who attend, it also ripples out to those they love, support and work alongside.

Circle work changes the lives of people in ways we don’t always expect or know about, and that is real magic.

So, if you want to hold your own groups in your community, to make that difference and witness that magic then I developed the Creating Circles course just for you.

The Creating Circles course

Through a combination of self-led, reflective study and interactive Zoom group sessions, the Creating Circles course includes:

  • Facilitated online learning with feedback
  • Practical exploration of the skills of circle work
  • A study list of books and online resources to help broaden your knowledge and inspire your practice
  • A self-led study workbook, journal and prompt cards and access to an online community for support
  • Certification on completion of the course

When you have completed the Creating Circles course, you will…

  • be able to confidently hold space
  • have the skills and confidence to create your own circle safely with your own unique content
  • be equipped with an extensive toolkit and ideas for content for your own group
  • be part of a valuable network of support
  • have been inspired to explore different creative approaches in your current work
  • have found your voice!

The content

During our time together, we will explore all aspects of circle work from the practicalities, structure and skills to thinking about legal requirements, payments and marketing.

  • Beginnings: How to create circles that are safe (although not always comfortable), exploring boundaries and meeting with intention
  • Connections: How to build communities that are compassionate and connect in a world that often feels disconnected, and how we can provide a container for discussion that helps people to flourish
  • The sacred aspect of circle work: Why sitting in circles is an imperative, traditional way of learning, creating, playing and healing
  • Content: How well thought through content can improve emotional wellbeing on an individual and community basis
  • When things get tricky: Exploring common mistakes made in circle work and how to recognise and respond to these
  • Letting go: Coming alongside those in your circle and letting the magic happen
  • Guiding circles: Practical experience of how to hold and facilitate discussions
  • Endings: Closing circles and saying goodbye
  • Failing: Why failing is important to the learning process
  • Who is holding you?: Self care and rest for those who hold space for others and why it is essential to circle work
  • Creating Circles is a diverse and intersectional community: We explore protected characteristics and how to create inclusive trauma informed spaces
  • Next steps…: Setting up your own circle or group, planning your content, GDPR, accessibility, insurance, pricing and marketing, all the things that can feel overwhelming and tricky

And there’s also the ‘Final Piece’ . . . Your ‘Final Piece’ is the final part of the course but it’s also a beginning. It’s a submitted piece of work, in any format, that summarises your journey with circle work. It can be reflective, narrative, educational, explorative or whatever you want it to be. See what others have submitted as their ‘Final Piece’ here

The support for setting up your circle extends beyond our sessions and you will also be invited to:

  • Creating Circles Collective: An online space for you to share ideas and make connections; a community to support you as you take your steps into circle work.
  • Monthly Collective drop in sessions for group mentoring: An open space to explore current issues, provide gentle support or be given a gentle nudge to develop your practice – you can join this circle as soon as you register.
  • 1 hour mentoring session to be taken up to 12 months after the start of the course: This mentoring session provides you with the opportunity to delve deeper and provides the deep reflection needed to move your practice on.

Find out more about the Creating Circles course

You can find out more about the Creating Circles course on my website here

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the Creating Circles course, I’d love to hear from you.

You can email me at [email protected]