Serendipity of the Soul

This is where magic is created - within you

Thank you for being curious enough to have a look at my page. I’ve worked in the wellbeing/social work/mental health field in all modalities for over 20 years. I worked predominantly in secondary colleges with challenging adolescents and primary schools as the wellbeing worker. I have also worked as the youth counsellor at headspace, and in Adult Mental Health as a Mental Health Worker.

In amongst all of that, I suffered a severe and prolonged traumatic event that had me believing my life would not be worth living again. The challenges I endured were debilitating. I thought my life would forever be in a state of survival. No joy. No future to look forward to. That is, until I learnt to listen to my body. To get out of my head and connect back to the body. To face my fear!

The therapy I am certified in has literally changed the way my nervous system responds. I no longer sit in hypervigilance (which I thought was my “new” normal baseline). This form of therapy is specifically designed to support and help heal your body, that can operate differently after trauma. Once your body and soul knows it’s healing, it craves more.

Having this professional background and personal experience has supported me to become a compassionate, caring trauma-informed therapist using guidance and grace while connecting and holding a session with you.

If you had asked me if I was going to launch my own business, I would have said no way! But when I realised that while studying this therapy, I was actually healing myself. Once I knew how good and healing this was, I had to share with the world!

Something (or someone) led you to click on my profile, so let’s schedule a free phone call so I can hear your story and answer any questions you may have.