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Functional Medicine & Ferility Awareness Edinburgh

Tired & brain fogged? Battling with migraines, PMS, IBS, anxiety? Low energy, low mood, low libido? Maybe it’s unwanted excess, disordered sleep or chronic conditions. You may be discovering sub-fertility (please see below). If you have bodily symptoms that you’d like to work on, we have beautiful (but natural) biochemistry on our side.

Your body is a UNIQUE system, with its own antecedents (what you’re predisposed to), triggers and mediators (ATMs). It has such incredible healing mechanisms built in: what might happen if its functions were to be supported correctly, individualised to you?

You might end up very surprised at what can happen when you support body with beautiful (but natural) biochemistry. Functional Medicine does NOT treat disease – we treat the PERSON, as the unique individual that you are. It is a food-first approach – all your individualised Modifiable Lifestyle Factors (MLFs) are uniquely crafted based on your own ATMs.

To be clear – lifelong IBS may be common, but it is not normal (I reversed mine). Lifelong suffering with PCOS is becoming more and more common – but again, we should not just simply accept that as normal (I also reversed my own).

If you have an open mind, and a desire to find and claim your health, please do DM.

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FERTILITY AWARENESS METHOD [ovulatory reproductive cycles]

First and foremost: your reproductive health is your overall health; your overall health is your reproductive health.

Secondly – this methodology has the added benefit of achieving your reproductive health goals. I will teach you how to avoid conception, or optimally time intercourse, if either of these major benefits are of interest.

Having reversed my own PCOS, a leading cause of infertility (or should it be called SUB-fertility?) – I am astounded at the vital biomarkers of health that this methodology provides a female for her entire reproductive life.

I implore all females to incorporate this into their lives for health and longevity purposes – from detection of simple infections, to early warning signs of cancer – these vital biomarkers are often far more insightful to health (for those who know how to interpret the charts!).

If you have an interest in hormonal health, or reproductive health goals to achieve, please do DM.

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  1. Personalised and knowledgeable service

    I found Louise via a LinkedIn connection and have engaged with her online for over a year – across distance and time zones! She makes great use of tech/software and therefore can work with anyone.
    Her knowledge and passion for supporting healthier function and wellness is without question. She has helped me gain huge insights into my hormonal health, as well as increasing my general health knowledge. I feel more equipped to support myself and understand the inner workings of what can be a mysterious side of female life sometimes!
    Louise is a careful and attentive Functional Medicine practitioner. I felt that our sessions were tailored to me and my preferences, so Louise’s advice was more easily integrated into how I live. Louise does not give generic advice, in fact, I’ve never come across someone so at pains to acknowledge the undeniable uniqueness of everyone’s health and their own genetics/family history.
    There was nothing fad-ish about Louise’s guidance – she is not peddling gimmicky or oversimplified services. I certainly learnt a lot from her and would highly recommend Louise for support with functional medicine enquiries!

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