Holistic Healing with Lynn Borundia

Kinesiology, Trauma, Reiki, Regression, Energetics, Frequencies

I am multi-modality Practitioner. Each session with me could be different to your previous one as I bring my ‘uniqueness’, by integrating modalities, as required, within a session. I am an Emotions & Metaphysical Kinesiologist,  a Trauma therapist (Embodied Processing), a Reiki Healer, Master & Teacher and a Soul Life Regression Practitioner. My life purpose is to use my spiritual inner gifts to help and heal others, one person at a time and in doing so, make a small difference on this Earth. I have been a holistic healer for several years now and although my forte is Kinesiology, Trauma therapy, Reiki, Regression and Energy and Bio-Frequency Healing, I have other modalities to offer (i.e. Hypnotherapy, Automatic Writing, Numerology, Card Readings, Spiritual Guidance etc). I also have an online program helping Disempowered women become Empowered.