PMS, Period and Menstrual Cycle Coaching

Find power in your PMS and pleasure in your period

I’m Menstrual Cycle Coach for women who want to become empowered by their cycle and embodied in their womanhood. I’m here to dismantle the lies you’ve been told about your cycle, starting with three facts:

  1. Your PMS is not a liability. It’s your Personal Management System and power source.
  2. Your period doesn’t have to be awful. In fact, it can feel amazing.
  3. Your cycle was not made to make you suffer. It was made to help you live the life you deserve.

Take a breath and imagine what would it be like to wake up in days leading to your period feeling grounded? To have a period that feels like your very own personal, blissful retreat? To no longer struggle with an inner critic who loves to tell you you’re not enough, and instead recruit her to work in your favour so you can become the fullest expression of yourself?

This is SO possible for you.

Are you ready to start making harnessing the power of your cycle and connecting to your inner fire, passion, sensuality and feminine essence a non-negotiable in your life?

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