Holistic Counselling and Mentoring for Spiritual Awakening

Dijana is a certified holistic counsellor, intuitive mentor and transformation guide who is passionate about guiding people to their highest potential.

Dijana knows that if we as individuals are fractured within, we cannot expect a harmonious community and family, as we transfer that fractured energy to others.

She works with individuals, families and communities to heal, strengthen and awaken their mind, physical, emotional and quantum energy so they can have thriving, powerful and deeply fulfilling lives and relationships.

With an extraordinary ability to see the unseen, Dijana knows that this is what she has been put on Earth to do.

Taking a 100% person-centred approach, Dijana integrates mind-body emotion into wholeness, awareness, acceptance and love. She customises her approach to each person that she works with, providing tailored tools and strategies to support them to grow and become empowered.

Dijana has a special interest in working with the beautiful emerging generation of young people in their teens and 20s, partnering with those who fully embrace their emotions and are beginning to gain traction on their personal development journey and spiritual awakening.

Creating a great organic flow with people early on in the relationship, Dijana offers one-on-one sessions and is growing her online community. With a love of educating others, she also provides a range of self-paced online programs and writes and facilitates workshops.

She is currently writing a book focused on heart-centred living and has big plans to one day run the first-ever Mind Body Spirit Festival for children.

Dijana says: “As I’ve journeyed to self-awareness, gained inner courage and strength, learned to express with integrity, I’ve realised that my work, my mission is about remembering love. Love as a higher frequency state of being, love as a feeling and a thought, love as a behaviour, love as a universal language. I’ve realised that it is part of my evolution to understand the bigger picture of ‘love’ and learn how to call this highest universal frequency into my daily life in order to apply it to every aspect of my life”.

Dijana invites you to join her to take your own journey toward a higher perspective and create a new vision of you in the world. Ultimately, a new you

1:1 session with Dijana 

Dijana offers qualified professional, confidential, insightful and practical teachings focused on supporting conscious, intuitive and sensitive people to heal, thrive and live a soulful life.

Dijana will give you the tools to navigate through your life using your intuition and inner compass, and teach you how to ‘unpack’ fears and your shadow until there’s light, balance and deeper understanding. She will show you how to take your power back and embody the confidence you need to create the life you desire.

The counselling process aims to provide you with the tools, insight and wisdom to guide you back to your best potential. This journey is unique to every individual, with unique characteristics, igniting different aspects within you in your journey back to your true Self.

The holistic approach serves your mind, your physical, emotional and quantum energy body. It serves to ignite a spark within all of you, like an ignition switch. This feels like an awakening,  a new curiosity that begins the process of questioning and shifting perspective, illuminating old beliefs and values in order to make room for deep transformation.


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