Somatic & Spiritual Oriented Psychotherapy

for vitality & freedom from anxiety, stress & trauma.

I’m a certified somatic psychotherapist, counsellor, mover, yoga teacher & bodyworker. With more than a decade of experience in body-based therapies. I support individuals who are seeking to transform stress, trauma, anxiety, PTSD and depression through a somatic & spiritually-oriented approach to therapy. I use a somatic approach by reducing stress and anxiety physiologically, through changing the autonomic nervous system & discharging trauma and by working with embodiment practices. I work with a non-dual lens that mind, body, spirit are one, that each individual is already whole & supporting the removal of obstacles in the way.

My sessions integrate a blend of bodywork, somatic humanistic psychology, trauma-informed care, yogic philosophy, process work, psychotherapy, movement education & expressive arts. I also weave in my background of working with many cultures, lineages and traditions . My work is a trauma informed, strengths based & person centred model of care.
I am empathetic, open minded, grounded, kind-hearted, authentic, strength-based, reliable and a deep listener. I love to be of service to others and to witness how people can heal themselves. My aim is to empower and support you with your journey while offering somatic resources and tools to transform and build capacity to be with what is arising for you.

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