Shamanic Dreams

Shamanic Reiki, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing

Energy balancing and healing business offering Shamanic Reiki, Reiki, Distant Sessions, Spiritual Counselling/Coaching and Crystal work.

My services vary depending on the individual needs of the client.  I merely facilitate the space between yourself and Spirit, bringing you back into alignment with your own spirit and the universal consciousness, which allows them to carry out whatever emotional release/healing is required.

Whatever physical pain, ailment or any other issue in your life that you face, it can all be dealt with at the source. By finding the blockages in your system and then getting the energy to flow freely again, it will allow you to continue on in life with confidence, clarity, love and happiness.

For those of you a little consciously further down a spiritual path, I can help with connecting to spirit animals, plants and any other spirits that are willing to help with healing or advice. It truly is amazing the different spirits that have turned up during some sessions!

I am flexible with times and days to suit us both, and am truly privileged to be given this opportunity to help with the shift in human consciousness. It is the most profound time to be alive in human form and i wish you all lots of Love and Light on your journeys ahead.

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