The Certificate in Infant Reflux

The world's most in-depth holistic training on infant reflux

Millions of babies around the world struggle with reflux, colic and silent reflux every year.

The medical system has nothing other than reassurance and medications to offer, however, reflux is actually a symptom, and when we start to look at it holistically, and to find the underlying root cause for any baby, we start to get the right answer, the right actions and the fastest way to resolving their reflux and leaving the family with the space to live the joy they desired in parenting.

The Certificate in Infant Reflux is the most in-depth training on reflux from a holistic point of view in the world.

Once completed, you will be able to work with children on a 1-1 basis, identifying all of their symptoms, signs and behaviours, piecing them together to tell a story, and from that story decide on the right action to resolve their suffering for good.

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