The OPAL Centre

The OPAL Foundation

OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) was founded  in 1995 with the aim of promoting a positive outlook towards life in general and an awareness of how each individual action that we take can have positive or negative impacts upon the world that we live in.

OPAL provides information, guidance and professional support in Life Management, Mindfulness, Personal Awareness and Self Growth with the aim of enabling all to reach their full potential.

OPAL offer accredited training in a range of holistic therapies and personal development topics. These can be studied at regional study centres or through the OPAL e-learning site.  For further information visit the OPAL web site or email [email protected]

The OPAL Mindfulness Retreat Centre in Ireland offers a space for people to come on Personal Retreat, organised guided retreats and other activities, courses, events and workshops that are run from time to time at the centre. A range of therapy services are also available at the centre. More information can be found at

Holistic Therapies at our Centre and other bases
Mindfulness Meditation (one-to-one and group sessions)
A range of courses, workshops and other events
Residential and Day Retreats
Cognitive and Meridian based Psychotherapy
Energy Healing Therapy
Reconstructive Energy Balancing
A range of holistic products (at our centre or see our shop on this Facebook page or visit )

OPAL Mission Statement

OPAL believe that everyone – regardless of their individual circumstances – should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

OPAL’s mission is to provide such opportunities and assist all who are interested in expanding their personal growth, self-awareness and abilities further.

OPAL aims to provide a range of services and make these widely available to support individuals in a way that best suits them in developing their awareness and full potential to lead a fulfilling and positive lifestyle.