Harrison Anderson

Suite Marigold

Practicing the spirit of medicine. Hands on healing for every body. Skills for the mind.

Suite Marigold in a non-medical health care practice- a welcoming space to deal with worries and health concerns – or to experience a little serenity. The methods used offer all the benefits of deepest relaxation and physical and mental ease.

  • Body work including Reflexology, Bowen, McLoughlin’s Scar Tissue Release Technique
  • Mind work- including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Tapping methods
  • Spiritual work- including Reiki and meditation methods

Most clients report satisfactory improvement and an enjoyable experience of deep physical and mental rest. Not all health conditions can be fully resolved- but everyone can feel better. Manage with grace- through greater physical comfort and more peace of mind.

Welcome.   Respect.   Listening.   Goodwill.

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