Leadership Coaching – Thrive Factor Coach® Certification

Professional coaching for women

A compulsive creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, wisdom woman, marketing nerd, chai devotee, potentialist, disco tragic, and stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, Shannon Dunn is an international award winning businesswoman, business coach, retreat leader, and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker and presenter.

Founder of Thrive Factor Co, Shannon is author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book proudly introducing you to her archetypal framework that has been activating profound personal permission and changing the way women interact with themselves and the world by harnessing their mindset, marketing, money, and magnetism innate strengths, since 2010.

Shannon has been changing the landscape for business women for over 25 years and is as inspired today as she was on day 1 of her business journey. Referred to by her loving, global client community as Biz Yoda, Shannon is a coach, teacher, and cheerleader to smart women who are coaches, creatives, and impact makers; Ingenious business women destined to own and activate their ambition while claiming their place in the world taking up all the space they desire and deserve!

She has a unique gift for meeting people where they are at, seeing and igniting their potential, holding space for radical transformation and liberation, and creating programs and solutions that lead to genuine, sustained thriving in life and business.

In 2019 Shannon expanded the thriving woman revolution with the opening of Thrive Factor School. Through certification programs, she teaches women in business the art of Archetypal Profiling using the Thrive Factor Framework TM so they can take their clients and business to an entirely new dimension of thriving.

Drawing on the gifts of her own Thrive Factor Archetypes and infused with a commitment to lead by example and practice what she teaches, Shannon has the vision to certify at least 440 women in Thrive Factor Profiling by the end of 2030. In doing so she will grow a community of connected, wise, caring, inspirational women championing thriving for themselves and other women globally as Thrive Factor Coaches.