Somatic Trauma Therapy, Life Coaching and Ren Xue Counselling

Free yourself from anxiety and start to enjoy life again!

Are you going through a life or health challenge and feel anxious, stuck, or powerless? Do your worries and fears leave you feeling overwhelmed, indecisive, and helpless? Do you want to heal and find your energy, power, and freedom back? It is my passion to help you lift the anxiety, overcome the fears, and find a safe place inside yourself. I help you step by step to become more able to trust and believe in yourself and in life. What I offer is a collaborative process in which I help you reconnect with your body, hold space for your feelings and support you to discover the patterns that underlie your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

I am a certified life and trauma coach, former medical doctor and naturopath, and certified Qigong teacher and therapist. I help you process trauma, safely meet and digest unprocessed life experiences, and regulate the nervous system.

My wish for you is to feel calm, relaxed, at peace and healthy. If you like to learn more, you can book a half hour complementary session, have a look at my website and contact me by email or phone. I offer sessions online through Zoom and in person in Titirangi, Auckland.