The holistic approach

By IICT Member, Marlih Jung

We do hear so often about the holistic approach or holistic healing.

Unfortunately, most people understand only holistic body-mind and spirit. Although these they make up the greatest part of the holistic approach, there is one important component missing, which is the space we live and work in. Balancing the space we live and work in, also known as Feng Shui, is essential to achieve one’s greatest potential in all aspects of life.

People seek help from medical doctors, counsellors, psychologists, naturopaths, alternative practitioners or spend time in retreats for stress related issues, weight problems, general health issues, family problems, relationship problems etc.

Regardless of which method a person chooses to improve a situation, the changes will be short lived unless the environment is supporting the changes. Often, when getting back home or back to work the person finds him/herself in the same environment where the problems started. All the old habits, belief patterns and thoughts are still lingering in the space, and soon the person will fall back into these old patterns. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the immediate environment and to clear it or have it cleared, and rearrange the space to make it suitable for the new image that has been created and the goals that have been set during a session with a practitioner or at the retreat.

By adjusting the environment to the new ideas of oneself, an ongoing support is created while doing everyday things (e.g. sleeping, working, household and family tasks) which can help everyone to enjoy greater well-being and happiness on a continuous basis.

As life is ever-changing and we are constantly evolving wanting different things in life and aiming for higher goals, it is advisable to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise, meditation, yoga, NLP, a regular check of the living space etc. If any worries, fears or anxieties arise, seek support from a practitioner of your choice before it creates any health issues.

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