Colon Hydrotherapy and Gut Health

By Sue Wilson, Colonic Hydro-therapist and Bottoms Up Founder

There is not a day go by when we don’t hear something about Gut Health on Social Media.
Or if not Gut Health we are talking about cleansing. There are many articles on how to cleanse your system from sauna, to rebounding to ionic foot spa’s, wonder products etc.
But when we talk about cleansing the colon this comes as a whole other conversation. A conversation most people don’t like to have, although we are now hearing  more about coffee enema’s but again this is one step away from talking about our poop.
Colonic Hydrotherapy/Irrigation has been around in some form since the Egyptians, with it written that they would use bamboo sheaths. It is well documented that the Parisian woman would regularly do enemas for their complexion. While King Henry is said to have meetings while he was undergoing a enema. Of course we all heard about Lady Dianna speak of them in the 80’s.
So while in the 2000’s we have come a long way with the devices we use, that are pressure regulated, flow rate monitored and adjustable temperature controlled can offer herbal implants or ozone and TGA approved. (well they should be, check with your therapist next time) We have disposable speculums and tubing so no need for tedious autoclaving for sterilization and it also gives our clients that extra level of hygiene confidence.  We are still confused by what it is, how safe is it and what does it do.
Because it is a therapy to do with a body part we don’t speak of, waste, it is a healing therapy that is not given a fair go. More so because of this silence about “these bodily “ functions the definition of terms becomes fluid in the game of Chinese whispers.
These fluid definitions cause a problem as it defines a colonic from everything from an enema, that you would typically do at home either with water, coffee or some other supplement. A Colema board that was used widely which is a board that is placed over your toilet. An open system that are popular similar to an enema but ongoing in a purpose built bed/bath, where you are in a clinic type situation and closed colonic where all water and waste is enclosed and you have a therapist doing your treatment.  And of course we have Colon lavage and Colonoscopy that are both medical practices.  However all of these practices come under one term Colonic.
How this therapy can support your elimination pathways to help detox and rebuild your system is something that scientifically is still out. However the anecdotal evidence is building.  From everything from skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, inflammation and digestive issues, to headaches and backaches to reversing Diabetes to and healing from Cancer closed colon therapy can have an integral role.
While closed colonics and colonics/enemas in general certainly clean the colon and particularly the sigmoid colon, I believe that there role in assisting the lymphatic, particular the GALT (Gastro Associated Lymphatic Tissue) and the blood is through the mesenteric system and the nervous through the Vagus nerve and the hormonal system through the microbe and hormones found in the gut we know now affect the chemicals in our brain, this is a therapy while ancient is at its infancy in this modern era.
Closed Colon hydrotherapy has so much to offer. We just have to start to speak about it. Put it on the table and offer it some opportunity to show its value its worth its wonderful healing abilities.  I believe in mind body and Spirit. After all cleansing has been a spiritual ritual since the beginning of time, even the old saying of cleanliness is close to Godliness.
With more than 10 years in the clinic being a part of so many peoples healing and reclaiming their health through cleansing with closed colonics, nutrition and emotional healing I am passionate that this therapy finds a voice. To this end we are having our very first Colon Hydrotherapy and Gut health Conference.  (See link below)
Of course it is not just about the equipment we use but also the technique, it is somewhat like finding your hairdresser who was trained by so and so and you feel as though you could have a great relationship with this person.
It is for all of these reasons that it is time for Colonics to come out of the closet so people can make informed choice about this therapy. If not this and we see that it is just about cleaning the colon than the rate of colon cancer climbing daily with people ending up with colon bags at young ages, this has to be time to come out and say. Yep I have closed colonics and I love them and they have given me my life back. As Bernard Jensen has said, Disease begins and ends in the GUT.
In times past, knowledge of the bowel was more widespread and people were taught how to care for the bowel. Somehow bowel wisdom got lost and it became something that no one wanted to talk about anymore. “ Bernard Jensen

About the Author:

Sue Wilson
Colonic Hydro-therapist, Founder Bottoms Up

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