Build A Thriving Hypnosis Business In 6 Steps

When it comes to business, of any size or passion, your business knowledge is critical.

Visiting your local accountant and gaining some first-hand knowledge on the hows and whys of tax is a given.

So let’s say you have done all the mandatory things, any small business would do. And even as a Hypnotherapist, you are a small business and the same thing should be done.

You have all the little functions of your business running.

You have your EFTPOS machine running, your office is set up, your certificates are showing your study and authority as a professional Hypnotherapist…. But something is missing … Your clients.

And as society becomes more accepting of hypnosis as a form of therapy, more students study the craft meaning more competition.

And with more competition, means fewer clients finding you … However …

There is a way you can build a thriving hypnosis business in 6 steps, but it does take a special personality to do this.

Now when we say 6 steps. These are some measurable steps for 1 big action you can take. If you combine this with an understanding of other components, of being a solo business owner, you have the winning formula.

If we were to put all the therapists, hypnotists, and NLPers in 1 room, what do they all have in common ? They all want to succeed, they all have great skills and a passion for helping people.

With this, they have their own outcome for their business, and how they can help people. So how can we tell them apart ?

From the perspective of your clients .. What would make that decision come see you ?

Are clients spending days researching the best therapist in Australia ? Probably not.

Are they not just after a quick fix ? We think yes !

And with this in mind, with instant access to social media and google, this is the decision maker for them.

Essentially saying that your client will find the first therapist on these mediums that relates to their needs.

From smoking, weight loss, anxiety etc.

So what will set you apart ? How can we put a plan in place ( that most therapist never do ) that puts you first on the list, and in the minds of referral clients, that will grow your business dramatically ?

Building a thriving hypnosis business in 6 steps takes a promise from you before you read any further.

Do you want a quick fix that will get you clients up front, that will need constant tinkering, money and adjustments ( we will speak more on this soon )

Or do you want a long lasting business with a solid reputation that will take longer to build, but once the groundwork is done, you can ride the wave of what you have created ?

If you chose option 2 you are in the right place !

Before we look at that let’s explain the quick fix for business. We have access to free social media, paid ads on Google, Facebook and Google +

If our plan is to promote yourself ( for free on this medium ) this can be a quick fix no doubt.

You have the whole world looking at your posts about yourself as a therapist, and maybe from this, the right person at the right time will see your posts and inquire.

But unfortunately ever year to 18 months, Facebook chooses your potential audience and changes the algorithm of the content you and the word will see.

Basically, this is saying facebook and google are the TV station. You are the show.

The Tv station will tell you when your TV show will broadcast. And we all know what happens with a TV show that gets no audience right ? It gets a later time slot and before long its off the air.

If you look at Starbucks on FB with over 36,430,913 people liking their page, we could say they have a great audience. ( numbers wise )

And if we like Starbucks and based our business on numbers alone, we would be on the hot seat to success.

So the question is with this size audience and a world phenomenon in coffee, why did they need to take the quick fix and buy advertising ?

Becuase FB chooses out of those *likes* WHO will see the content. FB may only choose,3 million of those liking people, and leave out the rest. This would suck if they are offering a new drink or coffee.

According to the Statista portal, which we can gain access to see the advertising amount spent in 2015, which by the way was, 141.4 million U.S. dollars in advertising alone .. What does this tell us about the numbers game ?

And for a small business, we need to think logically, and realise if we are a Hypnotherapist and use social media as our only resource, knowing that anyone in the world can see it ( and not spend any money of quick fix advertising ) we will miss a huge chunk of our success.

So now we have the quick fix covered.

Quick fix is from paid advertising and hoping FB show your content

Now we can turn our attention to a process that costs only time, consistency and a little pre-thinking.

If we take the numbers from Facebook and treat them like the TV station and we are the Tv show. How can WE become the TV station ? And dictate what shows we want to show our audience ?

This is our goal here with how to build a thriving hypnosis business in 6 steps …

Here are the 6 steps

• Find your niche
• Narrow your niche
• Create a content campaign
• Set a content delivery number
• Add a sign-up box to your website
• Keep your promise

Before we highlight each step and give you crystal clear instructions.

Ask yourself and be sure you are willing to put aside maybe 2 hours a day or even a week to create something incredible, and stick to the plan, over, what can be a long distance, knowing your momentum will build.

If you get a big yes … let’s do this

Step 1. Find your niche

We are all familiar with this but we tend to make a mistake.

Let’s say you are a Hypnotherapist wanting to treat clients with hypnosis .. What is your niche ? Hypnosis right.

You are planning to use hypnosis to treat clients. You have a website set up to state who and what you are, what you can do and how much you cost.

This is step 1 complete. To make it more simple …

What is your passion ? What do you have enough knowledge in that most people ( clients ) don’t ? How can you use your knowledge effectively ?

Step 2 ( the tricky part ) = Narrow down your niche

How can we narrow down hypnosis ? What are the types of clients you wish to see ? Now you may say …

I want to see everyone as I can work with a large variety of things

Hold that thought, because we are looking at another side of your business, not your skill inside your business.

If you promote yourself as a Hypnotherapist. Jump on google and type in Hypnotherapist ( in your area )

The number represent how many other therapists ( in Brisbane alone ) are being recognised for that search term.

So this tells us that my niche is too broad. The only way to tackle this is to pay for ads and use a budget I might not have yet.

When narrowing down my niche, I am doing it 1 category, inside, this niche for this sole, purpose only.

Become the authroity in that niche catagory !

I’m not becoming the authority in hypnotherapy is general as this is too broad.

I want to become the authority in a narrowed niche and get my foot in the door onto google, and not deal with those numbers.

For example are you a

Stop smoking therapist ?

Anxiety specialist ?

Weight loss expert ?

Pain control therapist ?

We now have a category. But we can take it 1 step further. How about becoming the expert in stop smoking for over 50s ?

Or the expert for anxiety in kids or at exam time ?

Or a weight loss expert for parents who like the holistic approach to weight loss.

You can see the more we narrow down our focus the more we can target and build an audience.

Step 3 ( putting this although ). Create a content campaign

3 ways to begin the first step = text, video or paid ads = Pick which suits you. We know paid ads is the quick fix.

So let’s pick between the 2. ( text and video )

Will you become the authority through text such as a blog, book, magazine or social media posts ? Or

Video through Youtube, Instagram or any video system.

Pick 1 and stick with it. Your attention will now be on this medium alone.

Step 4 = Set a content calendar

How often will you commit to giving and teaching unique content and amazing articles or videos on a weekly basis?

1 – 2 times a week ?

Every other day ?

Every day ?

Only on Saturdays ?

Your goal here is to find what works best for you

Step 5 = Subscribers list

Add a subscribers list to your website, so when people and society read your posts, they want to be notified as you write or create more content. This is your audience being built.

So what is different with your subscriber’s audience compared to FB audiences ? ( the numbers will be vastly different )

Your subscriber’s list is targeted to your information and what YOU have to say. You are now the TV station. And your content is the TV show they watch

Step 6 = Stick to your promise

Stick to your promise. If you promise your audience 1 amazing blog per week. Deliver it. If you say it will be delivered on a Saturday. NO MATTER what, deliver it on Saturday.

So how do we take your niche and make you the expert ? What will you talk about?

Because we know Hypnosis is different for every client. And this is the key. You are not selling on this blog or video content. You are informing.

And from information, people learn to trust you, and your products and what you can do.

It becomes a no-brainer. You are now not a lucky choice dip for clients.

As people search for a Hypnotherapist in your state, and you have amazing content scattered all over google ( and YES this will take time ) your blogs and content and NAME become synonymous with therapy and hypnosis.

If we were to take 1 narrowed down niche and promise to contribute 1 blog a week to teach our audience and society the benefits of hypnosis, here is some blog content we may write about.

Our niche : Teenage smokers and how to help them quit ( narrowed down for teenagers )

Possibilities of content :

Why most teenagers start …

How peer pressure plays a role in the addiction …

Why teenagers find it hard to quit …

How a supportive family is the key to quitting success …


There we have 4 weeks worth of blog content. And for a worried parent who want their child to quit, they may type this into google and see your content, advice and help on the subject.

And from this, who will they call ?

If not call, they will visit your website, and subscribe to get more information. This now grows your reputation.

Once you become the expert ( give yourself 9-12 months of consistency ) Your reputation is set.

You haven’t used your audience to sell. But when they need further assistance the call will be made to you. They will not need to hunt for a therapist online.

As they have read or seen every contribution you have created

Once your expertise is set. And you have dominated the narrow niche and people recognise your name. You now take over a different category inside the broad niche.

You go from the helper of teenage smokers, to pain control for first-time mums ( first-time mums is the narrowed niche )

So what makes all of this different ?

Jump on google and see for yourself. You will see a lot of website all aiming for the same thing. Getting paid as a Hypnotherapist.

But a rare few, will you see their name consistently will helpful advice.

The question is. Do you hope you can win the battle in the 417,00 search results in ( Brisbane alone ) or do you become a large chunk of that number ?

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