Hypnotic Trance Strategies Video

By Scott Jansen, Conversational Hypnosis Academy.

During this hypnotic trance strategies video, subtracted from the spotting unconscious moments DVD set, Scott discusses the importance of certain trance strategies to get the most from this conversational hypnosis style of interaction.

As you will see and hear, Scott highlights the importance of using the response, of an unconscious moment, as the direction for your trance intervention and questions.

Also covered, tips on how to deal with resistance clients and the need to continually to push through the conscious web that is formed, to gain access to more unconscious and hidden information inside your client’s mind.

The Q&A segment was created directly after a live demo using these, and more, specific principles, brought to life in this spotting unconscious moments DVD set.

The premise of this training was to take 15 Hypnotherapists to another level above all and any hypnotic techniques, to understand the driving principles that exist even before techniques are used, and how these professionally trained Hypnotherapists can do less inside a therapeutic interaction but get faster and stronger results.

The most important aspect of this segment is the facts stated about conscious interference.

As Scott discusses. The conscious mind, no matter how good a job you have done to bypass it, will always be ready to ‘ but in ‘ and possibly destroy the trance that has been created.

“What tends to happen is that we as Hypnotists, rely so heavily on the techniques and patterns, and think once we have completed certain steps, the conscious mind is inaccessible. And this is false. The conscious mind only becomes distracted, then it’s our job (as the Hypnotist ) to continually distract it over and over again. Our attention needs to be not on the techniques we use, but the creativity of repetition on HOW we continually bypass the conscious mind over and over again. When we understand this, we as Hypnotists will see another side of hypnosis; that is commonly hidden from the majority” Scott Jansen

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Conversational Hypnosis Academy

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