Inner Child Harmony Coaching

Inner Child Healing & Trauma Response Mindset Coach

Inner Child Harmony Coaching & Mentoring.  We have a range of processes and mentoring packages for clearing traumatic events of the past.  The core beliefs and definitions we had created about ourselves, and life itself from childhood, is continuing to be recreated in our adult life.  Providing a safe, supportive and protected environment to speak and release the trauma with continued mentoring to assist in going beyond the limited mindset of PTSD & CPTSD.                                                                                                          Everyone knows of the fight, flight and freeze trauma responses, but little is known of the FAWN trauma response.  This trauma response is the most difficult to find and to master of all the responses. It controls your life, it is connected to your nervous system and reptillian brain, the amygdala, which if it senses anything that is unsafe, unsure or dangerous,  takes over and sabotages on your behalf.  We have a program, From Fawn to Fearless, 8 weeks online program for you to understand and to master for yourself.

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