Cuddle Professionals Internationals

Cuddle Professionals International

Founded in 2015, Cuddle Professionals International is the first and original professional Cuddle Therapy training, certification and membership body.  We oversee regulation within the profession and run a comprehensive training course to ensure responsible, ethical practice.  We are a professional membership body for cuddle therapists, and we provide a support network, specialist insurance for cuddle professionals and a directory of certified and trained professional cuddlers that prospective clients can book with confidence.

​Whether you are an experienced therapist, a student, an interested health professional, a prospective client or are completely new to cuddle therapy, we warmly welcome you. Our mission is to promote professional cuddling as a valuable holistic therapy modality, to clarify what it is  – and, as importantly, what it isn’t – and to educate by demonstrating that touch is vital to our health and well-being in an increasingly disconnected and medically-ailing society.

Cuddle Professionals International is a registered and approved Complementary Medical Association and IICT accredited training provider, and we set the gold standard for professional cuddlers worldwide.  We are passionate about supporting you on every step of your journey as a cuddle therapist and CPI practitioner.

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