Sustainable Self Care by Nadia Nauss

Sustainable Self Care by Nadia Nauss

Nadia is the founder of Sustainable Self Care, a holistic wellness practice specializing in Tantra, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Inner Child Work and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage.  Nadia is passionate about empowering individuals with emotional release techniques, self-regulation, restorative integration, and tantric practices so that we might know ourselves to be the sovereign Source of our own energy, love, healing, creativity, and bliss.

In 2008 Nadia was introduced to yoga to alleviate stress, fatigue, and back pain during her career as a US Navy officer. Six years later, she became a certified teacher in Vinyasa Yoga through Power Living and Yin Yoga through Qi Health and Yoga. An avid learner on a self-healing journey, Nadia has completed over 900 hours of yoga teacher training including Yoga for Mental Health, iRest® Yoga Nidra, and various trauma-sensitive courses that inform her functional and therapeutic application of the yogic teachings both on and off the mat.  Nadia is a senior yoga teacher and faculty member of the Woke Yoga Academy delivering the Trauma-Informed Yoga module of the 200-hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Nadia’s own lived experience of early childhood trauma has informed her approach to Inner Child Work.  Drawing upon her Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner certification, Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) training, and tried-and-true methods of somatic presencing, Nadia facilitates the safe release of repressed emotions through embodiment practices and self-regulation techniques with empathy and authenticity.

Nadia began her tantric journey in 2011 and completed her Tantra Practitioner Level 3 certification in 2017 through The Sanctuary of Ananda’s Australian Institute of Tantra Training.

Nadia served as a lead faculty member for Erotic Living where she taught trauma-informed tantric embodiment practices.  She continues to mentor individuals, couples, and polyamorous partners on the path to realizing their intimacy goals through holistic and embodied lifestyle coaching.

What do I do?

I guide, mentor, and coach others to cultivate emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and self-love as key enablers of authentic connection with others by facilitating a safe space for Self-exploration and learning to trust the Inner Teacher.  I am also an Intuitive Channel who serves as a conduit for Truth by asking skillful questions of your body, subconscious mind, and Inner Child to draw forth the deep knowing that is within you.

How do I do this?

I share with you a holistic toolkit of somatic (embodied) awareness techniques and languaging practices to re-wire neural pathways and release unhelpful belief systems while accessing your primal creative life force energy. This enables one to bypass the limitations of the finite, often emotionally-hijacked brain to connect to the gut’s primal instincts, the heart’s infinite knowing, and the body’s innate wisdom so you can consciously create a life you love to live.  Whether that’s through yoga, meditation, tantra, Hawaiian bodywork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming or Inner Child Work, I draw upon my diverse background to create a safe space for you to find what serves you best.

What do I believe about you?

You are a sovereign being with all the answers already within you. You might just be looking for a clear reflection to see yourself from a different perspective and some best practices from a fellow sojourner who is enthusiastic and upbeat about life’s journey – that’s where I come in. I also believe that everyone is on the spectrum of trauma. Birth is a trauma. Childhood and even adulting in today’s modern world involve plenty of experiences that are beyond our current capacity to cope. The stress offers us opportunities to either break-down to disorder or break-through to post-traumatic growth – I’m here to offer methods that increase your sense of agency and the choices available to you. All this said, sometimes all you need is just a safe space to be truly heard, where you need not perform, perfect or persist – where you can simply be, feel what you’re feeling, and know it’s ok.

Why would you work with me?

As a client-centred practitioner, I believe you already have all the wisdom you need inside you – my job is simply to draw it forth, make it conscious, and reframe it in an empowering call to action.  Deep down you know what you truly want for your health, relationships, career, and spiritual life – I just help you get clear on what the next right step is and hold you accountable for continual practice that causes transformation.  I possess an uncanny knack for being able to hold up a proverbial mirror so that you can become aware of the emotional blocks and subconscious patterns that keep you from connecting to your innate wisdom and accessing your untapped life force energy. I have walked the walk to transform my own adverse childhood events into post-traumatic growth and thus have the lived experience of some tried and true methods that effectively regulate the stress response, restore energy levels and access the flow-state for optimal decision-making and inspired action.  And I am passionate about creating a safe space free from judgment or dogma where you can put theoretical knowledge to practice, which brings forth your own embodied wisdom.

Why do I do what I do…

My purpose for being is to embody Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Compassion.  I am here on the planet to learn how I can best ease the suffering inherent in our shared human condition and to teach others to do the same for themselves and those around them. I value Authentic Connection, Raising Consciousness and Service to the Collective.  I share practices to harmonise the mind-body-spirit so that together we can thrive and flourish, living our best lives in the here and now.

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