Nid’s Nidra

Embody Your Soul's Dream Life

You know what hasn’t worked for you and you seek a different way. You’re fed up and tired, but persistent and strong of heart.

You have been looking for a patient, kind and integrated approach to make those changes in your life that you just haven’t managed to shift – yet!

Welcome to the space where you are seen and held to make the aligned shifts at your pace to integrate and embody fully into your life. Whether you are in physical pain, have emotional overwhelm, feel lost and purposeless, or a spiritual awakening – Nid will guide you to peace and fulfilment.

Her signature Luminous Life program includes all her non-business offerings and is unique to you, always guided by your soul.

Nid is a Soul Guide, an intuitive of multiple trainings from around the world her approach is rooted in Eastern wisdom. She supports holistic learning and processing of life experiences – your body, emotions, nervous system, mindset and spirituality. You are empowered to craft your unique path with tools and resources to support the embodiment of your soul in this lifetime.

Be energetic held through powerfully gentle transformation utilising all of your embodied being, with simple tools to blend into your daily life.

The two things most of us fear the most – your power and your joy! Take courageous action and connect with Nid for a free Clarity Call.

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