Linda Conder

Gut Health Specialist

I am a Nutritional Scientist, passionate about the role your gut plays in your health and wellbeing. I have a practice in Darwin and work with clients and the community to educate, inspire and coach you to understand the vital role your diet, lifestyle and gut bacteria has in alleviating suffering and disease.

I understand that a holistic and evidence-based approach is needed to support and prevent many of today’s chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, autism, ADHD, autoimmune disease and much, much more. I utilize the latest technology and research to help change the trajectory of your health for the better. My aim is to free you from suffering and help you feel amazing.

Correcting imbalances in the gut microbiome is the future of medicine. I make the latest advancements in Microbiome testing and research accessible to you. I provide an individualized road map to heal your gut and improve your health following the five R’s of Nutritional Medicine.

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  1. Highly recommend Linda, the holistic practitioner

    Linda is a perfectionist at heart with so much passion for everything she does, especially when it is gut health related. Linda cares for your health and uses up to date evidenced based practices to investigate and find a solution to any problem you present to her. I highly recommend to anyone looking to better themselves!

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