Healing Human

Frequency Healing and Spinal Flow® Technique

Hi there, I’m Mel. And I help bring people back into feeling human again.

I mean, really human. Safe, sound, clear, at peace and in ease.

I offer two modalities I believe bring the most powerful and profound results.

Frequency Healing is peaceful, connective and deep. We speak to your physical, mental, emotional, and higher aspects of self as we bring you into a state of coherence and balance – such that anything no longer vibrationally resonant with this new state can fall away. We see pain shift, the nervous system ease, clarity come in, and a new state of reality start to unfold in your world. Put simply, life just becomes easier.

Sessions offered in-person – Manly, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Sessions offered remotely to clients all around the world.

Spinal Flow® Technique is structural, somatic and safe.  This body first technique is incredibly gentle, yet undeniably powerful. We communicate directly with your central nervous system through a series of access points from your cranium to your coccyx, eliciting a wave of life force which expands through your spine – softening and releasing layers of stress as it moves. As we release these layers your body starts to reorganise itself structurally, straightening your spine, moving you out of fight / flight and back into healing. When you’re free to heal – we see true magic happen. And because your body is moving in it’s own way, at it’s own pace, and from the inside out – your sessions move in ease and safety. The body aligns, symptoms release, and you become connected to your body’s natural healing ability in a whole new way. In essence, you become your own healer.

For anyone looking for the structural results of a Chiropractor, but with a gentle touch and a move along the spectrum from disconnection to reconnection – this may be for you.

Sessions offered in-person – Manly, Northern Beaches, Sydney

Sound good?

Come heal ; >  Mel

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