Aileen Baxter

Holistic life coach and hypnotherapist

I’m a holistic life coach and hypnotherapist.  I want to help you find your inner peace. To help you achieve balance in your life, find a moment to breathe and address the issues that have been holding you back. I’ve been where you are; struggling with self-confidence, stressed and anxious.  I’ve dealt with the unhelpful belief I’m not good enough and felt like an imposter at work.  I’ve juggled too many responsibilities, not taking the time for self-care. My purpose is to help you find those moments to breathe and become who you want to be.

I can support you:

–           Navigate your way through the menopause

–           Learn ways to de-stress and refocus

–           Build your confidence and self-esteem

–           Change your relationship with your weight and food

–           Help you deal with chronic pain

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