Anger Free with Catherine Whyte

creating freedom from anger

Living with anger, magnifies the risk of depression and can create a base line of increased anxiety and higher risk of, physical and behavioural processing issues.

It makes the experience of life harder.

I’m looking for clients who are willing to admit their shortcomings and are actively seeking ways to manage their anger. They understand the impact of their emotions and are committed to change.

I help clients navigate through family anger issues, giving support through the process and out the other side. This work is intense and deep reaching but also joyful as you begin to realise that you are less reactive, and more relaxed.

This is not simply anger management, this is a process of identifying the deep causes of anger and healing the hurt from there.

Contact me to book an Anger Free call assessment, where we’ll identify your biggest issue and highlight any areas where you can make immediate improvement.

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