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Hello! I’m Bethany Loveday and I’m a certified Dream Therapist and Tarot Reader with over 5 years of experience helping people to decipher their dreams from all over the world with different backgrounds, religions, beliefs and lifestyles.

Dreams are direct conversations with our soul. When we learn to listen and understand them, we unlock a wealth of information which can help us live our best lives and become the best versions of ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand what our dreams are trying to bring to our attention because either the ego is getting in the way, the dream was too scary for us to face on our own, or it was incredibly symbolic and too odd to make sense of.

My clients have found my services particularly helpful for those odd, recurring, symbolic and scary dreams.

The main benefit my clients have experienced from my services is clarity. Clarity in what decision they want to make, what they want to do, who they are as a person and why they do what they do.

As Gail Godwin said, “Dreams say what they mean, but they don’t say it in daytime language”.

It can be incredibly eye opening to have someone familiar with dream language to help you uncover and decipher the layers of information in a dream.

Dream Interpretation is my passion. I find a lot of joy in researching all aspects of dream interpretation, trying out new things in my own dream practice, and of course, helping others to understand their own dreams.

If you have had a dream recently, or can remember one from the past that has stayed with you and you would like to have a better understanding of what it means, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sweet dreams!

7 reviews

  1. Very knowledgeable, empathic and intuitive

    Bethany is an amazing dream interpreter who is very knowledgeable, empathic and intuitive. She has helped me countless times when I wasn’t able to figure out the whole message myself. She always has the little insight that really makes you think, puts something into perspective or even makes the puzzle whole so you can look at it and get the full picture. Bethany does amazing work and I am always grateful for her help. Thank you

  2. So happy and thankful

    Bethany wove the disparate symbols of a dream I had recently into a strong, coherent, message. I am astounded that the dream offered such an important message for me, and without Bethany, I never would have deciphered it. So happy and thankful with the interpretation Bethany has provided. I will be consulting Bethany in the future.

  3. The perfect translator and guide

    As my journey into self awareness and spiritual ascension has progressed, it has become more evident that my dreams come through with apparently profound messages and images for me. However, as somebody wandering into a strange land where we don’t speak the language, I have been lucky enough (or divinely guided!) to meet Bethany online. Her insights and interpretations of my dream experiences have shed light and made her the perfect translator and guide. I look forward to planting my dream seeds before sleeping every night, knowing that I will have assistance in the greater understanding.

  4. Trustworthy

    I was so excited to get new insights about my dreams that would help me evolve and reflect as a human being. I felt it was very personal sharing my dream to a stranger but I completely get a positive vibe from Bethany and trusted her with my innermost thoughts.

  5. Highly recommend

    Bethany has such a beautiful energy and I love how she can interpret aiding one to receive clarity through our dreams!
    When I had a session with Bethany I was a bit off kilter after my dream. I felt frustration and couldn’t figure out the Why!

    After my session I was so much lighter, came away with clarity and a big smile!!!

    Highly recommend allowing Bethany to be your Dream interpreter!

  6. I am grateful to Bethany for the gift of having my dreams interpreted

    At the age of 30 I experienced a very abrupt change in life with a series of highly traumatic events hitting me at the same time. Suddenly I was abducted from the life I had been carefully constructing and dropped into what I believe was and still is reality I have always feared. This exile wounded me most deeply. In order to protect myself from it, I turned into a hermit, locked all the doors and windows and hid myself from the world. For over a year I had no dreams at all, as if suddenly my subconscious left me and all spiritual ties with the universe were severed. When I felt I was ready to face the world and myself again, dreams came back with vengeance, they were very strong, terrifying, very real, so real that in order to protect myself from them, my mind would wake me up only to find itself in a new dream layer. I felt that there was a lot to be explored in my dream life, but without guidance, that journey seemed impossible to undertake. Bethany came into my life when I needed her guidance the most, she became the guide and interpreter of my darkest most wounded self. She helped me to overcome the fear my dreams were coated in. Once the dark shell was cracked, there was a lot of light and a lot of injured hope to unravel. Bethany spoke to me about my higher self trying to reach to me, about the new beginnings, new goals and aspirations that were guarded by the darkness, but were there for the taking. While I thought that there was nothing left in me but suffering, that my subconscious was scorched, dreams were speaking of abundance that was growing there, that desert in me has become a cradle of a new life. Bethany showed me all that through dream interpretations, she helped me to see my higher self, the self beyond the pain. The whole experience was magical, it was deeply nurturing as I could finally see the glimpses of the self I can be. There has been a lot of healing in this. I am grateful to Bethany for the gift of having my dreams interpreted. Seeing oneself through the dream symbols allows for reconnection with the higher self, allows for alignment with the universe and lessening the burden of loneliness. Bethany helped me to realize that I have never been alone, that help has always been available I just needed to look deeper. That is a true miracle of life, hope and reconnection with the world.

  7. Insightful

    My dream interpretation was interesting and far from anything I thought 😂. This was my first dream interpretation and I enjoyed it and the insight it gave me.
    I also enjoyed the tarot reading as it gave me a renewed sense of hope as I had felt that waning recently.
    Thank you

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