Ben Sowter – Medical Intuitive

Medical Intuition, Sound Healing, Psychic Mediumship

How I Can Help You

Combining intuition, psychic sensing, energy healing and spiritual communication, I support clients to heal by identifying the energetic aspects that are creating their health concerns, and applying healing to areas of the body that need to be transformed into a healthier state.

As a qualified Medical Intuitive with professional insurance and over 10 years’ experience, I dedicate myself to providing consultations that allow clients to reclaim the health they need.

If you are having trouble finding the long-term healing of your health concern, Medical Intuition will allow you to understand and shift the underlying energetic cause of the issue, allowing for a healing that lasts.

About Me

After a lifetime of being overly-sensitive to the energy of others, in my late 20’s I decided to seek out help to understand this. During my search of finding the answers, I began studying aspects of human energy fields, spiritual healing, reading and communication.

During my early 30’s, I undertook training to become a Sound Healer, a Psychic Medium and a Medical Intuitive. What I discovered during all this training was that I was a natural healer and part of my healing was to “own” my life experiences to help others in the way that I had learned to heal myself.

I now use my training and experience as a Medical Intuitive to get to the core of physical illness and health concerns and offer a holistic solution to better health.

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