EFT tapping

Help yourself quickly — or receive help — for stress or trauma or whatever else bothers you!  Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping) is a rapid stress release method, science-backed, that you can learn to help yourself and others with, often quite quickly, for daily stresses, aches and pains. Tapping on selected upper body points calms your nervous system and dissolves blockages. For emotional management and deeper transformational work over a huge range of personal problems, you may like to work with me online, Annie O’Grady.  I am an EFT INTERNATIONAL Master Trainer and Advanced Practitioner.  This includes gentle, safe and fast trauma release unique to EFT.   I have specialised in EFT since 2008.  I teach 2-day Certificate training courses online, also in person in Adelaide, South Australia, and I personally train aspiring EFT practitioners.

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