Edwina Taylor

Holistic Practitioner and Counsellor

Edwina provides a safe and nurturing environment for you to transform and become the woman you want to be. Working in women’s health since 2006, Edwina has helped thousands of women to be the best version they can be through healing their mindset and incorporating embodiment practises to integrate change in the nervous system.

Through releasing trauma from the body, you will find your nervous system to be less reactive, less triggered and have more energy because your system is not overloaded with what is running in the background. Having a balanced nervous system creates safety in the body which brings trust and reassurance, this deepens awareness and enables you to reconnect to your intuition and inner guidance to make the right choices through life.

With her knowledge and qualifications in holistic counselling, women’s health and fertility, Edwina is renowned for her succcess in helping women to fall pregnant, with a success rate of 60% of women falling pregnant through her signature fertility program which connects not only the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of bringing everything together to feel safe to fall pregnant. Edwina’s approach is holistic and open to women whether conceiving naturally or with medical intervention.

She is currently undergoing a degree in Psychology to further expand her knowledge and skills in Psychotherapy.

Alongside having her own clinic and working online globally, Edwina teaches the Womb and Fertility Massage Course to practitioners in Australia and New Zealand being a support and mentor to them. After working for years with the founder of Womb and Fertility Massage, Clare Spink, Edwina was honoured to become an associate instructor and share her passion for teaching other practitioners.

Edwina has been affiliated with a number of corporations which you can see on the media page.

If you are ready to change and take the necessary steps to do this, Edwina can help you stay accountable in a nurturing and safe way that gives you permission to be the best version of you!

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