Radiate Wellness

Natural Wellness Practitioner - Nutrition, Iridology, Education

Hi, I’m Kerrin,

I am a qualified Natural Wellness Practitioner and Educator, here to help you create natural, radiant health from the inside out!

I’m passionate about gut health natural vitality and healthy living. At Radiate Wellness my philosophy is based on the innate intelligence and miraculous ability of the human body to self-regulate, self-adjust and, where possible, self-heal, when given the right conditions to do so. I believe that health and vitality is mostly a matter of choice, rather than chance. The diversity, stability and resilience of our gut microbiome, is intimately connected to our overall mind and body health.

Ways to work on your wellness with me:

1. 1-on-1 Wellness Consultations and Coaching

2. A selection of online wellness programs and challenges

3. Events and Workshops

4. Radiant Kids – Homeschooling and Holidays Programs for Kids

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