I CAN Feel Group Therapy

Specializing in reducing anxiety and building confidence

When you work with I CAN Feel Good Therapy you will not only gain a greater understanding of yourself, but you will increase your self confidence, regain your self esteem, lower your anxiety, worry and stress less, be more positive and feel more balanced.

Hi my name is Mandy van den Berg and I had suffered anxiety for years. Working in the mental health field I learnt what works and doesn’t work. I was sick of having to try things that meant months or even years of therapy or tools and methods that took so much time and effort when I just wanted to feel better in myself. I remember thinking “why is it so hard?”.

In my search to feel good I learnt tools and methods that really work. Quick, easy and effective tools that work! That’s why I started I CAN Feel Good Therapy. My role is to support you to be your best and feel good.  I use specialized hypnotherapy RTT, a range of proven therapies and tried and tested tools and resources to get you to where you want to be, how you want to feel. My aim is to make the process as easy and effective for you as possible.

Working with me you will gain life long tools and resources that you can implement and use whenever you need. This will keep you feeling balanced, good and living your best life. If you would like to learn more about me or the range of services I offer at I CAN Feel Good Therapy visit the website link above.

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