Imogen Bailey – Women’s Circle Facilitator Training

Imogen Bailey founder of Honouring Heart offers accredited quality training in Women’s Circle Facilitation and extensions of this training both in the UK and Internationally. She has been facilitating and running circles for over ten years and has been training both women and men as circle facilitators for four years. All students have access to; personal support where needed, an online student support group and an extensive video, audio, transcript and resource library.  Imogen Bailey and Honouring Heart offer accredited worldwide training that adds structure, the power of programming plus safety and responsibility to an incredible ancient tool used by women throughout history to connect, support, heal and grow together. Gain your Women’s circle certification today and learn how to successfully use this ancient tool with modern wisdom. You will have the opportunity to start and new business or evolve your current one.


In this accredited certification training

80+ lessons with 2 huge workbooks to complete as you learn to how to run your very own, unique circle. You will also be given bonus circle templates and 50 activities to program your own circle. For those that want to turn your circle into a business, this course has a bonus business module to help you understand how to build and grow your circle business. Plus taking your circle online new bonus training.


Payments and Guarantee: 

Payment plans available for students who need them and if we fail in our mission to give you 100% of all you require to confidently host a circle within ONE YEAR of completing the Master Classes then a full refund is yours – GUARANTEED!

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