‘Inner Gift Resourcing’ (IGR) Practitioner Trainings

Learn this gentle energy-based stress-release modality

Inner Gift Resourcing (IGR) is a gentle, energetic soothing process beneficial for reducing emotional stress and for restoring healthy personal boundaries. IGR combines elements of energy clearing, parts integration and resourced drawing with the intention to clear self-sabotaging beliefs, reduce emotional stressors and diffuse internal discord.

Inner Gift Resourcing helps clients to safely return foreign energy imprints into their family lines, past lives and other origins (e.g. previous partners) without revisiting traumatic memories or triggering intense feeling states.

Inner Gift Resourcing is in its nature self-affirming and focuses on creating new pathways for self-love, confidence and relaxation by utilising energetic resources (e.g. compassion) to meet the client’s emotional needs. The deliberate interplay between energy clearing, energetic resourcing and emotional de-stress protocols connects the client to an inner sense of wholeness and holistic well-being – thereby enabling the client to nourish and embody the three pillars of Inner Gift Resourcing: Self-Care, Self-Awareness and Self-Responsibility. Applications for Inner Gift Resourcing (IGR) include: inner critic topics, abundance blocks, self-sabotaging beliefs/habits, stress triggers, self-doubt, lack of confidence or motivation, conflict in relationships, self-worth topics, support during life transitions (e.g. career change, divorce etc.)

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