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Welcome to INNERBLOOM.

My name is Alexandra – A lover of people, the planet and our connection to one another.

Innerbloom is an online space to initiate radical change, deep healing and personal transformation through Holistic Coaching, herbal remedies and movement.

​My work is based on the belief that our thoughts create our reality. Subconsciously, these same thoughts form our belief system about ourselves, others and the world around us. Physically, the emotions that these thoughts create either move through your body with ease, or they store as unprocessed trauma creating emotional triggers, disease, anxiety and depression. ​Together we start to uncover the subconscious beliefs and behaviour patterns that are keeping you small and creating that all familiar feeling of being ‘stuck’.

These wellness modalities all offer different pathways to healing and facilitate emotional release for each part of your being – body, mind and soul. As these parts of you are so intimately connected, this is the pathway I offer for true transformation.

I work with you intuitively as we visit each area of your life and work to release you from unprocessed trauma, conditioned belief systems and that voice in your head telling you nothing is good enough. Together we illuminate what personal freedom means to you (as it’s so different for each of us) and we start to consciously create this reality around you.

Our time together includes intimate one-on-one video calls, the creation of new rituals and practices to propel you forward in your personal growth, fortnightly ‘INNERBLOOM at home’ workshops and so much more.

Visit for more information on the experience and pricing.

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