Julie AA (Innspiire Oils)

Holistic & Energy Healing Therapies

Julie embodies the roles of a divine energy healer, educator, and passionate doTERRA wellness advocate, committed to disseminating elevated vibrations and boundless love through personalized therapeutic solutions crafted to meet both individual and corporate needs.

Explore our abundant selection of solutions today; reaching out will be a decision you’ll rejoice in.

(online & in person)

1 review

  1. A Breath of Fresh Air yet a Flaming Powerball of Healing!!

    This unique ‘gentle giant’ approach to your elevated journey will leave you empowered, encouraged as well as being enlightened.

    In my personal experience, Julie has walked with me to unapologetically and confidently find my higher self, gain a deeper knowledge and true purpose.
    Julie has enabled me to recover, discover, also to love myself and the universe around me.

    For this I am truly grateful.

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