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Nutrition Coach/Consultant

Hi, I’m Rebecca’h Pescarini – Walker, a Certified International Food Matters ‘Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach.’

I have an extensive background in holistic alternative health. I am a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their very best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their unique challenges and health goals.

I will provide you with the day to day guidance and support to help you feel your absolute best. This includes a holistic approach (otherwise known as Metabolic Medicine.)

This therapeutic approach is a powerful, synergistic composition in fortifying and contributing to the greater goodness and function of the human body and mind. This approach assists in normalizing body metabolism and restoring the body to health.

I specialize in the following areas:

Diet and Nutrition.
Whole Food Plant Based Diet – Transitioning and Sustainability.
Therapeutic and Nutritional Supplementation.
Detoxification and Cleansing.
Gut Health, Inflammation and Immunity.
Type 2 Diabetes – Reversal and Weight Loss.
Dis-ease Reversal With Plant Based Wholefoods.
Proper Hydration.
Weight Loss, IM Fasting and Vitality.
Hormonal Health.
Mental and Emotional Health.
Nourishing Your Spirit.
Stress Management.
Sleep Hygiene.
Reduction of Environmental Toxins – Holistic Low Tox Lifestyle.

As a Nutrition Coach I will teach you how to take charge and upgrade your health. How your body works and why you feel the way that you do. I will guide, support and empower you to achieve your specific health goals and live your very best life.

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Personalized Health and Nutrition Programs.

Telehealth consultations are available online via zoom or by phone for your own comfort and convenience.

*I am the wellness author and recipe creator of ‘Eat Well Live Well – Organic Plant Based Wholefoods.’

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