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About BR Counselling Care

Hello and welcome to our page.

We want you to know we are not your usual therapist.

We are Christian’s who are not religious but have a focus on building Gods Kingdom.

The bible underpins all our therapy and ministry.  When you work with us we pray for you every day. If you are of a different faith we will respect that.

We have  50 years of lived experience which we believe is so much more valuable when you’re needing to speak to someone who ‘ gets it’, than book learning alone. Don’t get us wrong we have the book learning also to back up our experience,  as you would be able to verify by our qualifications upon request, but our belief is, nothing comes close to lived experience.

Here at BR Counselling Care we are all about you, because there was a time in our lives where we wanted it to be all about us, and our need for help, and it wasn’t there for us. No one  ‘got it’. No one got the fact that we had a need to be heard. We had to walk alone.

Our passion is to walk alongside you in a holistic manner, as every part of who we are is affected when we have a problem, our body ( physical), our soul ( mind will and emotions), and our spirit.  You will not be alone as you take this journey.

Our goal is to see you regain hope for your future, and restoration for who you were created to be and may have lost through circumstances of your journey through life and empowerment to move forward.


As wives, mothers, carers, as well as therapists, we understand your need for someone to ‘get it’ when you talk to them. We have walked along the same paths, felt the despair, the loneliness, lack of understanding and isolation, even to the point of feeling we cannot go on any longer.

If you have read this far, then we congratulate you, you are thinking of making a choice for your own restoration and empowerment, which is not an easy decision, but we are here to walk alongside you, to encourage you to get there, to use the tools we have been gifted with by God as well as our experience and training, to bring healing and wholeness to your life.

Please, take a chance, step out, book a discovery call free of charge to see if we are who you are looking for to walk alongside you, out of the life stage you are in, and into your new future.

Warmly  Betty

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