Petra Stampfer

Soul Light Institute of Massage and Holistic Healing

Your world is a reflection of what’s going on inside of you.It’s easier than you think to begin your journey of wellness. Whether you’re directed toward mental, physical or spiritual improvement, Petra founded the Soul Light Institute and offers services to assist your journey. A combination of techniques will be used to get to the root cause of your issue and resolve it. You leave with a fresh outlook, energised and empowered. Petra’s commitment to helping people bring their health and life in balance forms part of her vision for peace, harmony and freedom in the world.

Petra is a certified life coach in psychological counselling; an energy and crystal healer, spiritual teacher, and Equine Experiential practitioner; and an ongoing student who is devoted to continuing her own personal and spiritual growth. She applies crystals to her work in Crystal Light Healing, energy healing, crystal massage/reflexology, Selenite Sword healing and chakra balancing.

An intuitive life and spiritual coach, Petra also uses dowsing rods for healing work and draws on her broad knowledge of symbols and the body’s energy pathways for healing with humans and animals.

Petra has contributed to two spiritual books.

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