Expressive Freedom Counselling

Somatic Therapy | Transpersonal Counselling

Nicole is a Trauma Informed Transpersonal Counselor and Somatic Therapist who combines evidence based therapy with whole-person centered approaches integrating our mental, emotional, somatic (physical), energetic and spiritual health.

1:1 sessions available

Counseling that guides you to find your inner resources, empowering you to find clarity, confidence and direction in areas that matter to you.

Expressive Freedom is a form of deeply supportive therapy that is tailored to your needs. This work empowers you to gain self-awareness, perspective, and the skills necessary for a healthy, vibrant and connected life.

Working with clients across a broad range of challenges such as grief and loss, anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship breakdowns, discovering of oneself and life transitions to name a few.

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If you a any queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to Nicole on [email protected]

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