Deborah Cherrey

RTTP, Cert Hypnotherapist, Cert Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

I believe that every person on this planet has a right to live a happy, fulfilled and joyful life, free of struggles, stresses and unhealthy patterns.

RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) combines the most effective methods of neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, and psychotherapy under a hypnosis umbrella.  We go straight to the root of the issues aiming for permanent change in 1-3 sessions with effects seen just after one session.

I learned RTT directly from its creator and founder, Marisa Peer, who has worked with Olympic athletes, world leaders and high net-worth CEOs.

I’m passionate about supporting clients on their journey to emotional, physical and psychological pain.  From personal struggles in everything from anxiety, depression,  fears and panic attacks to weight issues, smoking, autoimmune disorders and lack of confidence.

Your best life begins with you!

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