Siddhi Shakti, Soul Light Energetic Healing

Sound and Energy Healing, Mantra, Meditation, Yoga of Sound

Siddhi Shakti (Diane) is an accredited sound and energy healer and meditation facilitator. Drawing on a range of sound and energy healing techniques including the yoga of sound, toning, mantra, sacred Sanskrit sounds, and Ignite Your Spirit energy healing, she guides clients into a deep state of connection to release blockages to come into greater resonance with the authentic Self.

These modalities support the transformation of the energy body, stress relief, calming the nervous system, upliftment of vibration and spirit, deeper connection.

For those looking to refine their own mantra practice for a deeper energetic connection, she also teaches Sanskrit sounds with guidance on how to more accurately pronounce the sacred sounds – it has a really profound effect on our experience of the transformational energies of the chants.

As a powerful healer guided by wisdom, compassion and soulful insight, she draws on a range of modalities to assist clients in a deep and profound way, alleviating stress and anxiety, transforming blockages to wellbeing, self-worth, authenticity and empowerment; and addressing life and relationship challenges.

2 reviews

  1. Soul Sounds

    Siddhi Shakti is bringing through some profound teachings about the science of sound. She helps you – in a very experiential way – to feel the resonance of sacred sounds within your body…and by extension, to all of Nature and the Cosmos! She is a wonderful teacher and really embodies what she is teaching. Highly recommended!

  2. Sounds of creation

    I highly recommend both of Siddhi Shakti’s classes, on Toning, and Sanskrit sounds. She is an awesome, kind and patient teacher, who takes you on a deep experience of the Sanskrit sounds which vibrate and resonate within your body, allowing you to become one with all. The Toning exercise really helped my chakra system align and set me up for a much deeper experience of my mantra practice, or to just go into stillness.

    The way Siddhi Shakti teaches the Sanskrit alphabet and tongue placings really deepens one’s understanding of how sound brings forth creation. I really appreciate the difference that chanting creates in your body, when using the properSanskrit sounds, using the various tongue placings.

    Thank you so much Siddhi Shakti for your wonderful
    experiential teachings and depth it has brought to my
    chanting practices.

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