Marijo Murillo

Nutritional Microscopy

OUR LIFESTYLE AND OUR DIET PLAY THE BIGGEST PART IN MAINTAINING OUR HEALTH. The key lies in the intestinal bacteria and hormones

Are you suffering digestive pain, bloating and react to many foods? Are you always tired and feel a brain fog throughout the day, day by day? Struggling with hormonal problems, anxiety, depression and/or fertility? Do you suffer any autoimmune condition like Hashimoto’s or Crohn’s disease?

If you are tired of going through medical protocols and therapists who recommend a lot of medicines and supplements that are difficult to maintain over time due to their high cost, then you are at the right place.

Motivated by the passion and love for my work, my goal is to help you feel healthy. My working method is individualized, accompanied, and focused on personalised nutrition and lifestyle. I take the time to connect with you, to learn about you. That’s why consultations take over an hour, so that we have plenty of time.

I passionately believe in the healing power of nutrition and its positive effect on all aspects of our health. We are the interaction between the genome (our genes) and the epigenome (the environment that surrounds those genes and our personal choices, our lifestyle).

My goal is to guide you so that you learn to let your body recover on its own so that you end up having more energy and motivation, improving mood and clarity, reducing stress and anxiety, having a better sleep, fewer cravings, less pain, better skin and sustainable weight loss.

Learn to let your body heal itself with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, without interfering in the process. The healing capacity of your body has to be supported and it is so easily frustrated by diet choices that we make all the time. This is the equivalent of having a broken leg and an insecure cast which does not allow it to be stabilized or picking constantly at a crust so that the wound can never properly heal. That is what we do with the food that we choose and that we feed to our families. All kinds of illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular problem, menstrual pains, fertility issues, and even cancers can be healed by your body. But its healing capacity has to be supported and is easily frustrated by wrong diet choices and excessive life styles. Not everything in health is solved with food, however; we need to see the human being in a holistic way and manage the different areas of our life (physical, emotional, mental and transpersonal) in order to achieve a vital balance that allows the body to seek its internal homeostasis that restores health.

Together we will work in these areas to restore your health and vital energy. You will be able to see your cells under a microscope through a large screen to follow your own progress at the cellular level. It is fascinating, you will see.

How is your diet and lifestyle contributing to your health and to the health of the earth? Empower yourself, take charge of your health.

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