Sage Beginnings Infant Reflux and Colic Support

Free your baby from reflux, colic, digestive discomfort.

As a certified Infant Reflux Practitioner, with 30 years Midwifery and Nursing experience, I work to identify the root cause of your baby’s reflux, colic or digestive discomfort. Treating the cause will relieve the symptoms, leaving your baby pain-free, and able to learn and grow as they are meant to.

Digestive issues can have a myriad of causes and if left unresolved will lead to long term concerns, not to mention the immediate consequences for a family suffering from stress, lack of sleep,  due to a desperately unhappy baby and often being gaslighted when trying to seek help.

A single consultation can be all it takes to work out the cause of your baby’s pain and within days major changes can be seen allowing you to experience motherhood as it’s meant to be.

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