Nicole Lee Qigong

Qigong - Modern & Classical

Qigong is many things… embodiment practice, movement therapy, self-care, energy healing, gentle exercise.

Movement is medicine for the body, mind and spirit and we often need help to release our stress and tension. I specialise in sharing an accessible and contemporary approach to the ancient healing practice of Qigong that complements our modern lifestyles, bringing together acupressure, slow stretches, gentle flowing movement and stillness.

The benefits that come through the regular practice of Qigong can often feel like you’ve finally come home to yourself and found deep rest within an inner refuge.

Regular Qigong practice brings numerous health benefits that are experienced holistically – on physical, mental and emotional levels. Through this gentle movement therapy you’re improving the functioning of the cardiopulmonary (heart & lungs), digestive, immune and lymphatic systems. When we’re able to release our stress and tension we can decrease inflammation and chronic pain, as well as improve our sleep quality and optimise our energy levels. All of these things help us to be more present and focussed and assist us emotional regulation.

There are so many health and wellbeing benefits to be experienced through the regular practice of this ancient healing modality, ultimately though its about feeling better within ourselves so we can enjoy life and quality time with the people we love.

I offer Qigong both online and face-to-face. Please visit my website or the NLQ Online Studio for more details.

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