Samantha Corrie

Shamanic Practitioner. Earth-based healer. Mentor. Teacher

Samantha (Sam) Corrie is recognised world-wide for her innate ability to facilitate profound positive change in peoples lives.

By creating sacred space – whether it be one-on-one via a healing or mentoring session, or in workshop space – Sam opens doors for folk to step through, as they seek to find their inner truth and personal medicine.

Sam is passionate about helping, particularly women, LISTEN, FEEL, LOVE and BECOME who they are meant to be by accessing the ancient wisdom that live deeply within – THEIR OWN MEDICINE – so that THEY become their own Wise One, the Medicine Person, the Shaman and the Healer.

Through shamanic journeying, guided visualisation, soul retrieval, story telling, breath techniques and other skills, Sam energetically walks with her clients and students as they weed their soul’s garden, befriend the once feared dragon, unearth their inner sacred sites, welcome home lost and fragmented soul parts and ultimately come home to the TRUTH that lives in their heart.

Sam offers face to face healing sessions outside in nature,
or phone / zoom consultations with her interstate and overseas clients.


She is also creator of:

“Immrama – Sacred Voyage of the Spirit – a year and a day one-on-one mentoring program

“Magic Moments” a 21 day meditation series that follows the seasons

and other empowering courses.


1 review

  1. An Incredible Healer and Guiding Light for Inner Landscapes

    Sam would have to be one of the most gentle, wise and powerful healers I have come across. She is incredibly insightful and has been instrumental in helping me heal childhood trauma and learn to navigate my inner landscape. She has opened up a whole world for me that has helped me to understand myself and tap into my own inner wisdom. Her workshops have been invaluable for me in my journey and my face to face journeys helped me to understand and befriend my dragon and taught me to tend to my inner landscape. I can’t recommend Sam highly enough. She is truly a treasure and a shining, guiding light for this world.

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