The Body Grief Coach

Guiding Your Journey to Wellness, Recovery, and Soulful Embodied

Embark on a Path to Healing: Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

Welcome to The Body Grief Coach—a sanctuary for healing, understanding struggles, and sparking transformation. I am your companion on this wellness journey, offering compassionate guidance rooted in a profound understanding of life’s intricate challenges.

My Journey, My Mission:

“The Body Grief Coach” stems from my personal odyssey, recognizing the need for dedicated support for those intertwining grief with the complexities of our bodies. My own experiences with mental health trials, trauma, substance use, and an eating disorder, along with the dance with disability and chronic pain, fuel a mission of providing specialized, understanding support.

Guiding You Through Healing:

Marrying grief coaching with health and wellness coaching, I empower clients with empathetic guidance and a toolkit for navigating grief’s tumultuous waters. Join me on this transformative voyage, where grief is fearlessly examined, healing embraced, and self-worth reclaimed.

A Personal Commitment:

As your guide toward healing, I am committed to being a supportive presence by your side. With certifications as a health and wellness coach, grief coach, and lived experience, I offer a unique blend of expertise to navigate life’s twists and turns.

Creating a Safe Haven:

My mission is to create a safe sanctuary where you explore and process grief, defining what wellness means to you. Together, we’ll weave threads of pain into a tapestry of resilience, uncovering the path to your empowered and authentic self.

Your Transformation:

Embracing change is essential for growth. Together, we’ll embrace lasting transformation, nourishing your mind, body, and soul. Through well-being-centered approaches, we’ll kindle a fire of well-being in every facet of your life.

Your Ally in Progress:

Your transformation is my ultimate priority. Your progress, victories, and setbacks are steps on our shared path. Guided by empathy and a passion for your flourishing, I am committed to being your steady presence, confidant, and ally.

Thank you for entrusting me with your journey. Let’s embark on this transformative expedition hand in hand, forging a path to a vibrant and empowered existence.

Certified Grief Coach
Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach
Certified Trauma Support Specialist
Certified Trauma-informed Coach
Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT® 200
National Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Mindful Recovery Facilitator
Body Trust® Groundwork Program
Death Doula

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