The Mineral Body

Mineral Therapies - Nourish Cells Directly

Biochemic mineral therapy
(The Cell-salts or Tissue-salts)

This method of healing focuses on restoring functions to the body by correcting mineral deficiencies as evidenced by your symptoms and facial tells.
We deal with the 12 primary minerals of your biological tissues, and adjust them as needed to bring about balance to the system and restore the state we call good health.

Deficiencies in this day and age are rampant and widespread, and worst of all, they are called dis-eases! No amount of symptom suppressing can remedy an underlying deficiency, the state of health will only return once balance to the system has returned.

Safe for use in children, the elderly, pregnant women and also animals – all carbon based life-forms.

These are the minerals you are made of, what our diets should provide us, but in this day and age do not.

These minerals do not interfere with medications, you cannot OD or develop addictions, and as they dissolve in the mouth – are not digested.

See website for more information, and shoot us an email if you have any questions!

Lauren Shea
Resident Biochemist at The Mineral Body

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