Wellness with Nat

Wellness with Nat

Nat Mallia is mindfulness expert and Chakra Intuitive helping exhausted and overwhelmed women to bring a sense of balance and calm to their busy lives.

Nat has a unique approach of blending traditional Buddhist wisdom with Western psychology and the metaphysics of our emotional and physical ailments to give a more holistic view of your wellbeing.

Nat has immersed herself in a life of mindfulness since 2015 after facing the prospect of going blind from a corneal degeneration disease. She knew that there had to be a way that she could regain control of her mind and heal her body, so she devoted her time to meditation, mindfulness and the metaphysics of eyesight and self-healing.

Nat’s dedication paid off, her vision didn’t deteriorate to blindness like the doctors predicted and three years later, after spending three months in a Buddhist meditation retreat, something shifted in Nat’s body and her eyesight was able to be restored by surgery.

Nat is a certified Wellness Coach and Medical Intuitive, trained Buddhist meditation teacher and ACT Mindfully Practitioner, is also accredited with Meditation Australia.

Nat believes it’s her personal experiences that make her more relatable and compassionate to those who are trying to heal and transform their own lives.

Nat offers the following services both online and in person to help others on their self-healing journey:

  • Intuitive chakra balance and reading – uncover the hidden messages your body is trying to tell you and regain some focus and shift the negative energy your body is holding
  • Meditation and mindfulness classes and courses to support your wellbeing and give you the tools to reduce your stress and overwhelm without having to stop during your busy day
  • Mindfulness and Wellness coaching – to help you to navigate through your challenges and create a life you love
  • Organic, herbal, handmade, naturopath approved teas

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