Womb Awakening and Mind-BOdy Coach/Mentor

healing trauma and balance energy

Giada Lovelight is a well-known Womb Spirit Keeper and Womb Awakening facilitator, Trauma therapist, Hypnotherapist, Mind-body mentor and Kinesiologist. She facilitates workshops and healing sessions at her studio in Dapto or on-line, and at retreats and yoga studios in NSW.

Giada has a unique style of guidance, which is very organic and “in flow” with her clients and attendees. In her womb healing sessions, she guides you gently and safely on an inner journey inside your womb/hara where you meet your younger self and release traumas and limiting beliefs. Giada can help women and men to connect to their Divine Love and the Womb of creation through EFT tapping, Timeline therapy, Reiki and Energy and Sound healing.

She has been holding Womb-heart women’s circles where she facilitates Cacao Ceremonies, Shakti dances, shamanic journeys and meditations. Another circle is the Awaken Your Freedom for everyone, where she facilitates Souls’ Circle, Cacao Ceremonies, Elemental flow dances and tapping, meditations.

She has facilitated workshops at the Wellness Centre Wollongong, Yoga Swami in Kenthurst, at The Sanctuary in Loftus and at the Authentic Living Centre in Surry Hills. She can hold space for small groups of 6 people to 35 people.

Her main passion is to see people transform their pain into pleasures. Her call is help the human awakening path. If you are ready to find a gift behind a shadow reach out and find out more about her workshops and healing practices, you are welcome to book in a free 30-minute discovery call here 0424974401 or email [email protected]

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