Mobile Payment Systems for Wellbeing Practitioners

By IICT Member Ginny West, Spirit in Business

In this day and age having a mobile payment system that can travel with your wellbeing practice is absolutely essential.

I am a huge believer that you need to get out and about to build your business; to fairs, markets, expos, conferences and so on. To be honest this article is basically a big wrap for a little square, because that’s what worked best for me. So let’s look at how a mobile payment system can work for you and your business.

The Basics

The square reader is roughly 2.5cm square and plugs directly into your mobile or tablet. You can order a square reader online, or in Australia you can pick one up for $19 at Bunnings, Officeworks or Harvey Norman, with charger included. You download the app, set up your account payment details and the products and services you have for sale. You can also just enter a dollar amount for miscellaneous purchases. It really couldn’t be easier to use so no need to be intimidated. There are no monthly fees or contracts, you just pay 1.9% per card transaction (even for Amex). So if you only use it at a market once a month it’s not draining your business finances in the meantime. You can swipe credit or debit cards or insert the chip reader head first, but eftpos cards are not accepted in Australia just yet. Clients can choose whether to have a receipt emailed to them, or sent by text, just by filling in their details. Make sure you charge the square reader up before the event and it should last through a day of sales. You’ll be sent a summary of transactions and can even integrate it with your accounting software.

Why Square

To be honest I was planning to go with PayPal. So I picked up a keypad with tap and go for $149 at Officeworks and was good to go. But after glitches with the app and several frustrating phone calls and emails with PayPal over three weeks, I threw the towel in and went to grab a square, which was all set up in 10 minutes. The PayPal pad is also a little cumbersome at 8.6 by 13.3cms, although they have just bought out a small triangle to rival squares portability. Please do your own research, and see what works with you, but if you’re going with PayPal don’t leave it until the last minute to set up if you have an event coming up.

Where Would You Use It?

In a home practice if you don’t have credit card facilities or an appointment payment service on your website. Or if you have additional products, events or services to recommend to a client after a treatment. Spontaneous purchases after a session can do wonders for your business and help keep your client on track with their wellness goals.

In classes especially if your drop in clients don’t have cash on them to pay. Or they may want to make an unexpected purchase and book in for the term, an upcoming workshop or any products you may have for sale on the sideline.

At markets, fairs, expos, pop-up shops, talks and conferences. These days most people expect the option of being able to pay for goods and services by credit card; from big city events, to country markets, so not having that option available may mean your business is missing out. If you are at a body, mind, spirit expo giving a demo, talk or having a stall, take that moment to really get your clients engaged and committed. There’s no need to go all shopping channel on them, but encouraging them to sign up for something there and then could change their life. You know that.

If you need a credit facility you can throw in your bag (or pocket) for $19 you can’t go wrong with square. as always do your own due diligence and research but for ease in my business, and for my clients it’s well worth it.

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